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About Us

Every Project Has A Story Beyond The Structure

From different roofing and construction jobs, from Painting Doors to Windows installations , we’re putting our commitment and collaboration to deliver high quality work to our customer. ARC is a family owned company and my crew and I are a third generation crew who are carrying on the high quality worked we have worked since my grandfather started in 1960.

At ARC, our values – Safety, Integrity, Respect, Stewardship, Family, Excellence and Fun – define our culture and they shape and ignite the people who join our team.  They are more than words in a mission statement, they are the inspiration that guides our decisions and shapes our belief that we offer something no one else can. In the end, your building is better, your experience working with us is more enjoyable, your community more vibrant and your project site safer – all because you hired us!

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Cell phone:


Hours of Operation.

Rico Almaraz

+1-816-529-6670 (Bilingual in English and Spanish)   Kansas City, MO

Monday – Saturday: 7 am – 9 pm

Call or email us anytime and we are happy to help

Awesome Remodeling Construction


Best Prices

We have a team of highly trained crews and we are able to offer prices that are very competitive and pleasing to our customers.

Free Estimate

We assess your project and give you a free estimate as well as the certainty that we will ensure a job to your liking.

We Give Our Best

We strive to provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, safety and service.

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